SLACKER is 'True live Music' - 

With live keyboards, guitars, drums, bass,
male and female vocals...
SLACKER captures the songs; 'that'  song,
the way you remember.Come see what the fuss is all about!

Equipped for your event with full PA and lights - For Wedding 
Club/Bar - Casino - Private Event - Corporate - Public Event
Book SLACKER for your next Anything!!

   Well? Let's Dance!!

Heidi Ludwig - Lead Vocal

Well. What can we say? In the words of her husband...
"Just hear her sing, then you'll know"...


Darrin Ludwig - Lead Vocal

The original drummer and co-founder of Slacker. Darrin has
been drumming, singing, and playing guitar from age
thirteen. The passion to perform eventually pushed Darrin to the
front with Heidi. Drumming in many projects over the years, and with
Slacker for it's first five years.Dancin' and singin' and movin' to the
groovin' is the passion now.  Loose, light hearted, and very much into the
music and performance, Darrin would play every weekend if life allowed.
Not the least bit of a Slacker. 

Tom "MAYHEM" May.- Lead Guitar - Talk Box - Backing Vocals

Such a Slacker... Tom's still working on his Bio. But...
He has perfected is Guitar Face... Come see...


Donn Garrett - Drums - Lead Vocals

Donn is a well respected Northwest Musician. He has
played with: Alan White, Reek Havok, Shelley
Tomberg, Steve Fossen, Tony LaStella ,Janelle Sadler,
Tommy Zvoncheck, Somar Macek,Cee Cee James, Daniel
Christopherson, Steve Rice, Rick Knotts, Richie
Castellano, Jeff Ganz, Chris Slade and many other talents.

He earned the respect of some World Class Drummers and
Musicians subbing for Alan during a rehearsal [NAMM 09
All Star Jam ], playing the songs “Changes” and “Owner
of a Lonely Heart” .
Donn , along with the “Woodstick” drummers performed at
a Seahawks Halftime show in front of 67,000 people. TV
performances include: KIRO 7 Profiles playing “Changes”
with Alan White during a Master Class and KING 5 Tim
Robinson’s The Drummers of Woodstick [pre-show].
Donn is also featured in the 560 page international drum
book “Sticks n Skins” [page 229].
Two new albums,” Brilliant Mis-Takes”
and “Between Home & Here” featuring Donn’s many
talents are available on Reverbnation and iTunes.
Donn is also a drum tech and has been the Stage Manager
for “Woodstick” since 2004.Woodstick Big Beat 2011
Donn perfomred with: Danny Seraphine, Dom Famularo,
Chris Coleman and Joey Oscar.

Steve Thomas - Bass Guitar

Steve - Started the musical "career" at age 8 when his parents
dropped an accordion in his lap. No choice but to learn it, as mother
was a big Myron Floren fan (you know....Lawrence Welk show....).
Escaped when grade school band called. Little did he know, she's also
a Boots Randolph fan (remember "Yakkity Sax"? Wish I didn't), so.....
he learned to play the alto sax. That kept him occupied until junior high.
Wanted to play bass in the jazz band, but not good enough. More sax
through junior high. Move on to high school. Wanted to play bass in the
jazz band, but not good enough. More sax through high school. Self imp-
osed exile in Greenland for next 25 years to learn the bass. Resurrect musical
career in 2003, currently playing in three greater Seattle area bands. And....
playing bass, not accordion.

Rick Thomas - Keyboards - Sax - Backing Vocals

Rick Thomas plays keyboards, saxophones and bass guitar and has been

performing in bands in the Seattle area since 2009, including the Front Street Cats,

Rhythm Players, Ken Wants Barbie, and Princeology.  Previously he worked in

numerous bands in the Kansas City area for over 20 years.  His experience includes

singing and playing rock, pop, 80s, R&B, blues and jazz, among other styles.